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We used 89 billions of water plastic bottles each year. That represents 2822 bottles/s.

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6. The website has several private pages.
Distributors can access a private page that allows them to manage their distribution activity directly on line. AIR WATER CONCEPT reserves the right to give the access codes for this page to distributors who request authorisation by writing to:
Moreover, persons interested in training courses on AIR WATER CONCEPT products may access the special training page. To visit this page, learners may ask AIR WATER CONCEPT for the access codes. AIR WATER CONCEPT reserves the right to give out or remove these codes. Requests should be sent to the following address:
In accordance with the law and in particular French Law No. 2011-2012 dated 29 December 2011, the French version of the website has a page reserved for health professionals, who are asked to state their occupation beforehand so that access to the private page can be authorised or not.
For access to this page, the health professional must make a sworn statement concerning his or her status. AIR WATER CONCEPT reserves the right to deny a user access to the website and the services offered. Professionals undertake to provide true and accurate information. Any incorrect information, omission likely to lead to an error concerning the identity or activity of the person, or refusal to provide information may lead AIR WATER CONCEPT to refuse registration or immediately and permanently ban the person from the website by revoking their access.




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